Board of Directors


Board of Directors for the current season  2016-2017

President – Tom Drake
Vice-President – VACANT (Elected for 2 years, becomes President the second year)
Secretary – Lesley Mann (Elected on even numbered year for 2 years)
Publicity – Nancy Christopher (Elected on even numbered year for 2 years)
Treasurer – Ron Bacon (Elected for 1 year)
Facilities – Andrew Urbaniak (Elected yearly)
Instrumental Rep – Peggy Townley (Elected yearly)
Instrumental Co-Chair – Amy Cabral (Elected for 1 year)
Instrumental Co-Chair – Linda Colman (Elected for 1 year)
Choir Rep – *vacant* (Elected yearly)
Choir Chair – Stazya Richman (Elected yearly)
Drama Chair – Karen Heflick (Elected yearly)
Drama Rep – Gian Carlo De Stefano (Elected yearly)
Booking – Jacob Harris (Elected for 1 year)
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