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Time sure flies when you’re having fun! Who could have imagined that the Wood’s Movie Theater, built in 1940, would still be around as dynamic venue for performing arts in 2015? The 75-year-old theatre building has been a center for the arts in northeastern Washington nearly continuously since its beginning. To keep the magic alive, Woodland Productions has kicked off a comprehensive capital improvement campaign.

Great community support and diligent stewardship have kept the theatre humming since Woodland Productions made it their performance base in 1978, but despite all the TLC and many improvements, the venerable edifice has some crucial needs.

We are asking our loyal fans, friends, neighbors, and businesses to help raise funds for projects such as installing air conditioning, heating and electrical system upgrades, improvements to the sound system to include assistive technology for the hearing impaired, and a stage makeover. A grant committee is working overtime bidding for funds, but we will need to match up to two thirds of any award amounts.

Completed projects will enable Woodlands to keep offering the quality performances we’ve come to expect, and to expand services to the community. Plans for outreach to senior citizens, summer programs for youth, performances by visiting artists, and partnerships with other local entertainers can come to fruition if we all play our parts.

Great things have been made possible with the help of the Friends of Woodlands. The donations from our friends help keep our theatre building beautiful and safe! In 2015 Friends of Woodlands donations went toward several building improvement projects. We rebuilt our stage, and installed a Williams Sound hearing assistance system. With matching funds from our Friends of Woodlands we plan to add a cooling and upgraded heating and ventilation system to extend our season year-round! YOUR CONTRIBUTION CAN HELP MAKE IT HAPPEN. THANK YOU!





to fund the new Heating and Cooling System.

and the city of Colville Vinson Fund for 2017 facade signs:

Robert Vinson Fund – Stage Remodel


Special Thanks to three amazing volunteers for huge amounts of time given to 2016 Capital Improvements.

Andrew Urbaniak, Sean Taboloff and (the late) Gordie King


Major Donors 2015-2017

*John & Sue Poe*

*Campbell Scientific, *Leslie Waters & Tom Drake, *Mary Selecky, *Angie King Johnson(Gordie King)

Haney Lumber and Supply, Kettle Falls Elementary, Dorothy Bergin, Ron Bacon

Thank you for supporting theWoodland Theatre Capital Campaign

* $1000 or more



Center Stage: ($400 or more) Kent & Bev Brown

Reach for a Star: ($150 – $399) Dave Johnstone, Rebecca Baker, Emily & Steve Rayson, Jack & Jobya Herman, Jonathan & Laura Hoyt, Kenneth & Mary Hendricks, KF Chamber of Commerce, Lesley Mann & David King, Ozzie & Ginny Wilkerson, Peggy Townley & Byron Kerner, Stephen & Jean Papst, Ted VanCleave, Walmart(Jennifer VanGuilder)

Ovation: ($35-$150) Al & Evelyn Kowitz, Bev Wilkerson, Cathy Merrill, Denise Horner, Devotion & Confidence Israel, Ed and Shirley Billet, Evelyn Romo, Gabriella Ruskievicz, Glen and Susan Keto, Jackie & Bob McGregor, Janice & Jay Berube, John & Janice Hill, Nancy Heater, Jacob Harris & Alexis Hogan, Lynn & Stephen Schott, Mary Fossum, Lee & Carolyn Chester, Karen McQuarrie/Jafra Products, Sean Taboloff, Northern Dance Theater/Laura Golphenee, Richard & Sylvia Platts, Su Martens, Patricia Karney & Leroy Padrona, Stephen & Lynn Schott, Wallace and Patricia Foster

Spotlight: ($1—$34) David & Laurie Kulp, Dean(Dave) VanGuilder, Emma Romo, Elinor Distler, Gerald & Delores Cline, John & Beverly Greenslade


This is the perfect time to become a “Friend of Woodlands” by making a tax-deductible contribution to Woodland Productions, P.O. Box 524, Colville, WA 99114. Please make checks to “Woodland Productions.”

Yes, please put me in the spotlight! ($1-$34)
I’m giving Woodlands a standing ovation ($35-$149)
I’m helping Woodlands reach for a star ($150-$399)
Center stage is the place for me ($400-$499)
I would like to be a major donor ($500 – $5000)

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