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June 24, 1999 Spokesman-Review

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Fort Wright College and the Garland Theater.

``Some of them were at Fort Wright College for a couple decades. And some were in the Garland for a couple decades,'' said Interplayers co-founder Bob Welch. ``They're a little springy.''

Springy they might be, but ``you ought to see what they're replacing - duct tape,'' said one of the Woodlands Theater members.

But those worn seats are welcome at the Harrington Opera House.

``Since we had zero, it was a great opportunity for us,'' said Gordon Herron of the opera society, which is in the process of restoring the opera house and its entire Bank Block Building. Society members went to Kettle Falls on Tuesday to pick up their 210 seats.

``Up to now we've been borrowing folding chairs from the school and the city,'' Herron said. ``It worked out really well for us because we've really been scraping things together.''

Society member Ed Warner praised Simon and the Woodlands Theater for alerting them to the chairs. He said the age of some of the seats would fit in nicely with the historical atmosphere they are trying to maintain during the restoration.

Back in Spokane, the slightly used new seats at Interplayers are from the Northwoods Performing Arts Co., Laws said. It will be the first time the theater has matching seats, he said.

The seats are green and gray.

Ask anyone at Interplayers about the new seats and you will hear this mantra: ``They're bigger, they're plusher, they're more comfortable.''

They are, in fact, wider than the old ones, which means overall the theater will lose a few seats to make room.

``We will lose some,'' he said. ``But everyone's going to be more comfortable.''

Interplayers is also in the process of adding an elevator, said Janet Plett, the theater's marketing and development associate. ``We are on our way to becoming totally handicapped accessible,'' she said.

The revamped seating area will have official spots for wheelchairs, Plett said.

When the season starts again in September, theatergoers will be the first act - trying out the bigger, plusher, more comfortable seats.

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