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An open letter from  Children's Productions Chair Stazya Richman

We are starting to plan for the next installment of The Understory at Woodland Theater and I am currently looking for ~8 storytellers to join us on stage.
When: Friday, April 14th, 2023 from 6:30 pm to ~8:15 pm
Theme: Whoops! Stories of misadventures, miscalculations, and times when life did not go according to plan.
Background for those who are new:
Woodland Theater is hosting a semi-regular series loosely based on The Moth (we're calling ours The Understory) right here in Kettle Falls. We have already hosted four successful events with 8-10 storytellers each.
Here are the basic rules:
• The story must be true and it must be personal to the storyteller. You are allowed to change names and places, as long as the overall content is factual and you were a main player in the story.
• You must tell the story with minimal props, notes, or accompaniment. This is the most flexible rule, and if you have an idea, just ask!
• The story must relate to the theme of the event.
Note: We are looking for variety!
• Stories are capped at 8 minutes (we give bells beginning at one minute left, 30 seconds, and then we ring gently but insistently until the storyteller concludes). You do not need to fill the entire 8 minutes- sometimes the most powerful stories are the most succinct.
• The point of The Understory is to celebrate the full range of the human experience. The story must be inclusive and respectful- this isn't an opportunity for proselytizing, political discourse, nor ungraciously characterizing or stereotyping people that are different from you.
We recommend that interested storytellers listen to a few episodes of The Moth podcast to get a feel for the spirit of the event.
Please let me know if you are interested and available to share a story at this event, and I can share additional details. I am also happy to meet by phone or in person, if you would like to discuss your storyline or any questions.
What to expect: If you are ready to commit to a story, you will be asked to provide a brief sense of the topic and storyline you are considering as early as practicable. We use this information to help craft some of the outreach materials about the event. Many storytellers write their "script" a few weeks in advance of the show, and then commit it to memory. The process of preparation is your own, but I will make myself available to help you practice on request! We also ask that each storyteller perform a dry run about 2 weeks before the event, either by video conference or on stage.
Thank you for considering! If you have suggestions for other recruits, please forward or let me know. If you have a question, please ask and I'll be happy
to clarify!