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An open letter from  Children's Productions Chair Stazya Richman

Summer Children’s Production of :


This summer, the Production team, which includes Dani Cartledge, Susan Bradford,  Hannah Jackson, Kara Grittner, Cheyanne Jones, Hyrum Jackson, and various other veterans of the children's program, will be bringing a slightly different version of the children's program to the Woodlands Stage. This version plans to focus heavily on teaching and supporting teen leaders as they tackle ALL aspects of a musical production,  including directing, choreography, set building, stage managing, and so on. We hope that this will encourage kids to continue on with participation in the theater well into their adult years.  We appreciate that the past 4 productions from Linette, Nickie and Ashliegh Richie have given so many kids a chance to step on stage in the past, and hope we can continue the efforts to help kids enjoy the summer program.

-Actor/Parent meeting, April 15 10am, at the theatre. Ages 8- 18 are invited to audition. 

Meeting is required for participation. 

-Auditions, May 6, 9am-3pm, times will be assigned. Attendance is required for casting. 

-Rehearsals, June 12-30 and July 8-20. 

-Performances, July 21-August 6, 2023. 

For more information or for interested teen leadership, please contact Production Liaison Susan Bradford  

All of us here at Woodland Productions continue to send our deepest thoughts and prayers for Linette's continued healing and recovery.