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What's New:

Spring 2022 Newsletter

Spring 2022 newsletter as a .pdf

Calling interested Storytellers! Woodland will be continuing our new storytelling series Friday, June 10th @ 6:00 PM. Stories must be true, personal, related to the chosen theme, told within an eight-minute timeframe, and without notes or props. The theme for our upcoming event is:

Earth, Wind, Water and Fire: Stories of outdoor adventures, mishaps, and our relationship with the natural world.

We are looking for wide and varied experiences related to the theme. If you are interested in sharing one of your stories at this live event, please contact Allison Ginn at alginn@gmail.com for additional information.

The new backstage is approaching completion, but still needs more money.
Please help us if you can.

See the donate button for an online donation or mail us a check to
Woodland Productions PO Box 524  Colville WA 99114.

Demolition of the entire backstage area was completed July 2021

Slide show: Volunteers remove the old backstage

Click to view a pdf of the new backstage floor plan.

Slide show: Construction of the new backstage (begun in August 2021) is nearly complete

Nov. 2021 The All Together Now! cast is looking forward to a new backstage.

Feb. 2022
Calling interested Storytellers! Woodland will be continuing a new storytelling series this winter.

Stories must be true, personal, related to the chosen theme, and told within an eight-minute timeframe, and without notes or props.
The theme for our upcoming event is

Love in Many Forms: Stories of the people, places, events, and objects that create powerful emotions.

We are looking for wide and varied experiences related to the theme.
Unlike Cinderella, we don't guarantee the audience with a happy ending, just authentic experiences related to any form of love.
They can be about falling in love, unrequited love, marriage, divorce, honeymoons gone wrong, parental love,
building a cabin, spending 10,000 hours learning a new skill or investing in a hobby,
a first car, a pet, a sports team, or finally deciding to love yourself, as examples.
If you are interested in sharing one of your stories at this live event, please contact
Allison Ginn at alginn@gmail.com for additional information.

ArtsWA is providing $7,250 in operating expense support for Woodland in 2021.

September 2021

In September, Woodland Theater will pilot “The Understory”, a community storytelling series. We will host a night of true, personal stories recounted live by community members. Each event will feature a unifying theme, although the content of the stories may be widely varied. 


The theme for our initial event (September 10, 2021) is “The Times They Are a-Changin’: Stories of progress, growth, senescence, metamorphosis, or other marked departures from the status quo”. 


As summer comes to an end, in a year where we have collectively entered “a new normal” following many unprecedented times, these stories reflect on various moments when a person realizes that their life will never be the same. 


Our goal at this initial event is to gauge the level of interest and support for a regularly hosted series. The Understory could become a recurring opportunity for our community to give voice to their own stories, to the benefit of both the storytellers and fellow Woodland Theater patrons. 

The Understory is inspired by The Moth, a New York City-based storytelling forum and the associated The Moth Radio Hour, a weekly series featuring true stories told live on stage without scripts, notes, props, or accompaniment. 


If you are interested in telling a story at a future event,
please contact Allison Ginn at alginn@gmail.com


Storytelling Format/”Rules” for Storytellers

·  The story must be true and it must be personal to the storyteller. You are allowed to change names and places, as long as the overall content is factual and you were a main player in the story. 

·  You must tell the story without props, notes, or musical accompaniment. We recommend practicing your story multiple times before delivering at the event. 

·  The story must relate to the theme of the event. 

·  Stories are capped at 6 minutes (we give bells beginning at one minute left, 30 seconds remaining, and then we ring gently but insistently until the storyteller concludes). You do not need to fill the entire 6 minutes- sometimes the most powerful stories are succinct. 

·  The Understory celebrates the full range of the human experience. The story must be inclusive and respectful- this isn't an opportunity for proselytizing, political discourse, nor ungraciously characterizing or stereotyping people that are different from you. Free speech does come with personal responsibility, so please consider the potential impact on diverse members of the audience, regardless of intent.

Audience Etiquette

We ask that audience members arrive early enough to get comfortably settled before showtime. Please plan to be fully present to listen attentively to storytellers, including silencing your cellphone and refraining from any conversation during stories.


As an audience member, your job is to bear witness to your fellow community members as they share personal information in a public forum. Applaud everyone who attempts the stage this evening- for many, this may be their first time!


To protect the privacy of the storyteller and the experience of other patrons, we do not permit unauthorized recordings of this show. However, the Woodland Theater may record the show, with the express permission of each storyteller.

The Washington State Department of Commerce has awarded Woodland a "Nonprofit Community Recovery" grant of

$7,500.00 for operating expenses Jan-June 2021

Early June 2021

Brown Paper Tickets has finally, given us the
they have owed us since March 2020 from Mary Poppins ticket sales. (They paid no interest)

As of Feb. 16, 2021 donations to Woodland Productions can be made online using PayPal (~3% fee charged)
Major Donors Friends of Woodland Theatre  NE WA Business Sponsors
CARES ACT FUNDS - Operational expenses for 2020 were supported in part by grants from the Washington State Arts Commission,
the National Endowment for the Arts,
and The City of Kettle Falls, totaling $13,550.


And what's not so new:


7/20/2020     To our wonderful Stevens County community: Covid-19 has once again reared its ugly head to strike a blow against the performance arts. Woodland Theatre had postponed Mary Poppins, planning on re-opening with it for our fall show in October of this year. With a heavy heart we must announce that this show too, has been cancelled. Thank you all for your continued support of the arts and Woodland Theatre. We can't wait to be back on stage, creating the music, drama, dance, and community that we all love. Till then, please stay safe and look after each other. Nancy Christopher Operational Manager
and the Board of Directors
Woodland Theatre Productions
Kettle Falls WA

Changes to the back of the Theatre May-June 2019

Stucco gone
New perimeter excavation

New perimeter foundation
Old roof disappearing

The new envelope

On top of the new envelope

Our new (as of May 2019)
expen$ive PARKING LOT!
Inside the Quonset hut on our new lot
And, the Front Facade is nearly complete, August 2019

Woodland Theatre gets a new 
"Big Screen"
December 2018

Assistive Listening Devices Available in 2015

Thanks to a grant from the Empire Health Foundation, Woodlands offers assistive listening devices to our patrons who suffer from hearing loss. There are twenty devices available on a first-come basis. Devices can be checked out from the box office prior to each show. There is no charge for using a device, but they must be signed out with valid ID. Devices are available for Woodland Productions events only.