Entertaining NE Washington
at Woodland Theatre in Kettle Falls WA
since 1978
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Theatre Rental


Woodland Theatre is used by many groups, both local and regional, to bring various programs to this rural area.

Some groups just need the theater and the work lights.  Others need stage lighting. It has become necessary to publish these rental policies so that everyone is treated equally and the theater equipment is protected from those who don't know how to use it.

Rental Fees:

$150 per performance and $75 per rehearsal

In addition, each group using the theatre must "hire" one of the approved Woodland Theatre Productions' Supervisors. A supervisor is a person who has been trained in the operation of the various theatre systems and the theatre itself. A list of approved supervisors will be provided to the renter.

General Supervisor

Technical Supervisor

$15.00 per hour

$20.00 per hour

General Supervisor Duties:
Will open and close the theatre, see to it that the auditorium and work lights are working when needed, see to it that the renter receives help when they need it, and oversees the activities to ensure that the renter conforms to the conditions in the rental agreement.

Technical Supervisor Duties:
A technical supervisor is needed whenever the renter needs to use the stage lighting and they will run the light board or assist in/oversee their use as appropriate.

The general supervisor and technical supervisor may or may not be the same person.

The rental fee entitles the renter to use that portion of the theatre and the equipment specified in the Rental Agreement. The theatre will be clean when the renter arrives and it is expected that it will be left clean after the renter is finished. The general supervisor will unlock the theatre and, after the renter finishes cleaning, will ensure that the theatre is locked.

The stage lights will be focused and gelled for general area lighting (there will be predefined areas that will be demonstrated to the renter.) The lights will not be refocused or re-gelled without specific permission and under direct supervision of the technical supervisor.

If you would like to rent the theatre or would like more information, please contact the Rental Manager:

Nancy Christopher at 509-680-6146     nchristopher1@hotmail.com

Download the Rental Agreement