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Mission Statement

Woodland Theatre in Kettle Falls, WA is the main performance site for Woodland Productions, a non-profit corporation of community performing artists.
The mission of Woodland Productions is to enable and present high-quality performances in the musical and theatre arts; provide cultural enrichment, educational experiences and performance opportunities for all ages; and preserve and enhance the historic Woodland Theatre.

Goals and Objectives from 9-20-2020 Strategic Planning – Woodland Productions

1 – Expand the entertainment and educational offerings of Woodland Productions, including events of other community organizations and groups as scheduling allows.
    a)       Add workshops such as dance, improvisation, lights and sound, dialect, acting and set building when instructors are available.
    b)      Add COVID appropriate entertainment options to the current classic movies. Those could include radio performances and outdoor concerts to reach a broader audience
    c)       Research and pursue opportunities and funding to bring regional and national performances to the Woodland stage.

2 – Continue to improve the quality of Woodland performing groups and increase the number of participants.
    a)       Reach out to the community to expand chorus, band, brass and string participation while maintaining the quality of performances.
    b)      Develop a comprehensive method for selecting choral and instrumental music for performances.
    c)       Recruit and support volunteers for all aspects of performance: directing and producing major productions; working on sound and lighting; providing piano accompaniment for choral and musical rehearsals; directing choral and instrumental groups.


3 – Maintain and enhance the Woodland Theatre building, preserving the historic aspects and the acoustic integrity of the performance space.
    a)       Continue to address inadequacies of wiring and insulation.
    b)      Add sound reflection to the pit to allow instruments to be heard more easily by those on stage without interfering with balanced listening by the audience.
    c)       Make maximal use of the newly acquired Quonset hut for appropriate storage to keep space in the theatre for actual performance needs.
    d)      Rebuild and remodel the backstage inside the newly enlarged envelope, creating a single stage-level area for increased accessibility by all participants to


  •         two dressing rooms and a private changing space
  •         two bathrooms with one handicap accessible,
  • ·       a handicap lift to get to the stage level from the parking level,
  • ·       a small kitchen
  • ·       a washer and dryer
  • ·       inclusion of a large meeting space, and smaller spaces preferably acoustically separate space for working on sets until attached workshop can be added 
  • ·       a small sewing space
  • ·       Tool and ladder storage

4 – Revise and update Woodland operational procedures: bylaws, policies and procedures, handbooks and theater rental agreement.
    a)       Clearly define acceptable community uses for the Woodland Theatre building, prioritizing uses that align most closely with the Mission of Woodland Productions.
    b)      Publicize the availability of Woodland Theatre for rental and the guidelines for use and ensure that all board members are aware of and have access to rental guidelines.
    c)       Recruit and train Woodland members to be supervisors and technical staff for rental use of the theatre.