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Woodland Board

Dear Members of the Woodland Productions Community,

We are pleased to announce the inauguration of a new Code of Conduct, Conflict Resolution Policy, and Social Media Policy aimed at fostering a respectful and inclusive environment for all involved in our vibrant community. As we continue to grow and evolve, it is imperative that our shared spaces, both online and offline, reflect our values of creativity and mutual respect. These new policies emphasize the importance of  clear communication, empathy, and the prompt resolution of conflicts, ensuring that all members feel valued and heard. We recognize that community dynamics are ever-changing, and this is just the beginning. The theater is committed to constant improvement, actively seeking feedback, and staying attuned to the needs of our diverse community. Together, let us create an atmosphere where the magic of the stage is complemented by a supportive and collaborative community behind the scenes. Thank you for your commitment to making our theater an enriching and inclusive space for all.


Woodland Productions Conflict Resolution Sub-Committee    11/18/2023

If you have questions, comments or suggestions, you can reach a member of the Conflict Resolution Sub-Committee at woodlandproductions.crsc@yahoo.com.

New policies adopted November 2023:

Participant Code of Conduct  (revised 4/2024)
Board Code of Conduct  (revised 4/2024)
Conflict Resolution Policy
Woodland Productions Social Media Policy

The Woodland Board meets the
second or third Tuesday of the month

Board of Directors for the current season 2024-2025
President* Stazya Richman
Vice President* Bri Snyder (Elected yearly for 2 year term, becomes President the second Year)
Secretary* Jennifer Clark (Elected on even-numbered years for 2 years)
Treasurer* Ara Bush   Assistant Karen Heflick (Elected on odd-numbered years for 2 years)
AdvertisingChrista McDonald  (non-voting position)
Publicity Manager Camille Borodey (Elected on even-numbered years for 2 years)
Facilities Chair Lou Janke (Elected for 1 year)
Drama ChairJennifer Van Guilder  Alternate  Karen Heflick (Elected for 1 year)
Children's Productions Chair Cassy Jones
Instrumental ChairLinda Colman (Elected for 1 year)
Choir ChairLeslie Waters (Elected for 1 year)
Grants/Funding Co-Chairs Peggy Townley/Susan Williams (Elected on odd-numbered years for 2 years)
Theatre Manager Nancy Christopher (non-voting position)
Facilities Manager Caleb Hamlin (non-voting position)
Inventory ChairBuffy Jackson, Alternate Wendy Woods

*=Members of the Executive Committee of the Board                                

Woodland Board Minutes 5-21-24.pdf
Woodland Board Minutes 4-14-24.pdf

Board Minutes March 2024.pdf
Woodland Board Minutes 2-13-24.pdf
Woodland Board Minutes 1-16-24.pdf
Woodland Board Minutes 12-19-23.pdf

Woodland Board Minutes 11-14-23.pdf
Woodland Board Minutes 10-17-23.pdf
Woodland Board Minutes 9-19-23.pdf
Woodland Board Minutes 8-29-23.pdf

updated 7/16/2024