Entertaining NE Washington
at Woodland Theatre in Kettle Falls WA
since 1978
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BBoard of Directors for the current season 1016-2017
PresidentTom Drake
Vice PresidentVACANT (Elected for 2 years, becomes President the second Year)
SecretaryLesley Mann (Elected on even-numbered  years for 2 years)
PublicityNancy Christopher (Elected on even-numbered years for 2 years)
TreasurerRon Bacon (Elected for 1 year)
FacilitiesAndrew Unbaniak (Elected for 1 year)
Instrumental RepPeggy Townley (Elected for 1 year)
Instrumental Co-ChairAmy Cabral (Elected for 1 year)
Instrumental Co-ChairLinda Colman (Elected for 1 year)
Choir RepVACANT (Elected for 1 year)
Choir Chair Stazya Richman (Elected for 1 year)
Drama RepGian Carlo De Stefano (Elected for 1 year)
Drama ChairKaren Heflick (Elected for 1 year)
BookingJacob Harris (Elected for 1 year)